Sampler 3-Pack

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3-pack includes one 187 ml bottle of each cocktail: 1 Absence, 1 Redessence & 1 Mazy

Try them all and find your favorite!

  • Absence - Absent only alcohol, this distillation of over a dozen herbs and spices, including angelica root, bergamot, and worm-wood, mixes light bitterness with citrus, all balanced with a hint of white grape sweetness. 
  • Mazy - Unfolding at every turn, pomegranate and rich tree and stone fruits cross paths with dry tannins. A hint of peppery complexity joins sweetness at the finish.
  • Redessence - Roses, lavender, hibiscus, and elderflowers join ginger and spice unfolding in brilliant arrangement. Redessence is tarted-up with abundant tangy rhubarb for something enchanting.