Are you interested in investing in non-alcoholic beverages? 

Great choice to take a sip of this 10 billion dollar industry that’s outperforming alcoholic beverages!
We’re Nick & Jackie, and we believe we’re introducing something niche to the industry. We call them Distinctivos (TM). It’s not a "mock-tail.” We don't intend to mock anything. We wanted something better.
Distinctivos are original, superior-crafted, alternative cocktails, not knock-offs.
We’d love to talk to you about investing in our really cool company. Contact us here.

Get To Know Us!


We knew we were crazy…we’re entrepreneurs who started a new business during a pandemic. That takes a certain level of insanity. And plenty more tried to detain our small business: We’ve put our foot down when the labels weren’t fitting quite right. And tried not to scream when the lemon ingredient didn’t reach our standard.
Fact is, we are stubbornly, resolutely committed to quality and not willing to compromise on our original vision of flawless, perfectly crafted blends of sophisticated flavors. We’re raising the bar for people who choose not to drink, and we’re keeping it high. We should be committed. We are committed.