Mazy 4-Pack

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Mazy Distinctivo - 4-pack of 187 ml bottles.

Our Gentian-based Aperitif.

Unfolding at every turn, pomegranate and rich tree and stone fruits cross paths with dry tannins. A hint of peppery complexity joins sweetness at the finish. While inspired by it, Mazy isn’t non-alcoholic wine. It is equally complex but eminently individual, bringing teas, oak, and gentian root to the journey.

Cocktails are meant for relaxation. And with adaptogens, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories, Mazy provides the sophisticated, relaxation of a cocktail with the added health benefit of not containing alcohol. All cocktail, no worries.

We recommend serving Mazy™ at a slightly chilled temperature in a red wine glass garnished with a ribbon of orange peel.

Made with: Pomegranate, Teas, Gentiana, Anise, Tart Cherry