Isn’t Drinks With Mocktail Mo

Watch: Nick and Jackie Taste and Chat About Isn’t Drinks With Mocktail Mo

The no- low-alcohol beverage industry is growing fast, reaching nearly $10 billion in value last year, and we’re excited to introduce something new to the sphere.

But with many options available, how can you know where to start on your own non-alcoholic "NA" journey?

Mocktail Mo has made it her mission to find out—like a modern-day Indiana Jane, she cuts through the jungle of the NA world to find the best drinks for anyone who isn’t drinking.

Earlier this month, she featured Isn’t Drinks on an Instagram Live session with founders Nick and Jackie. You can watch it here!

What you’ll see:

Isn’t Drinks now offers three distinctivos available in our online shop and select stores. Nick, Jackie, and Mo taste all three during their time together. 

  • First, Redessence, a tart, floral cocktail made with lavender, lemon, and hibiscus, with a kick of rhubarb for extra brightness. Nick explains how in their first attempt at the drink, they created an excellent craft soda, but then went back to the drawing board, because cocktails are supposed to be enjoyed slowly—“sippable, not gulp-able.”
  • Next, Absence. It’s made with the same botanicals that often go into gin, including juniper, basil, and angelica root. This was Mo’s favorite; she says she really likes the bitterness and intensity of the flavor, a great citrusy alternative to a hazy IPA. 
  • Last, Mazy, which is Jackie’s passion project among the three drinks. Its flavors have some similarities to red wine, and it pairs well with a steak dinner. Mazy’s ingredients include pomegranate, stone fruit, and even bay leaf. Jackie explains it’s “a very cozy” drink.

In between their sampling, Nick, Jackie, and Mo chat about their own stories and experiences in the zero-proof market, from product development to branding and packaging—and Mo’s dogs almost paid a surprise visit! 

Special offer:

“It was fun for me, and I think it would be fun for everyone out there, to just try all these and see which one is for you,” Mo said toward the end of the stream.

The best way to do that is by giving Isn’t Drinks a try! Their Sampler 3-Pack is the perfect way to take the distinctivos for a test drive. Watch the whole video: Nick and Jackie announced a special discount code for anyone watching, and that code is still good for anyone who watches now!


Watch our Instagram Live appearance—and grab your free discount code— right here.  


Interested in seeing how Isn't Drinks can level-up the NA options at your bar, restaurant or shop? Contact us to learn more about bringing Isn’t Drinks to your community!


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