perfect holiday drink pairings

Perfect Holiday Drink Pairings

‘Tis the season of gifts, family, lights, and some favorite foods you’ve waited all year to partake. It’s also the season of hosting stress, giant to-do lists, tacky traditions, and sometimes awkward holiday gatherings.  

With Isn’t Drinks, we’ve got you covered.  Use this handy guide to find perfect pairings and navigate the holidays gracefully. Offering guests a drink that Isn’t alcohol is a wonderful way to keep your gathering civil, memorable, and inclusive. 


Baked brie? Roasted mushrooms?  Charcuterie plate?  Spinach and artichoke dip?  A light, bubbly beverage pairs with most appetizers and puts everyone in that party mood. Redessence is that beverage you’re looking for:  with a lively color and notes of lavender, elderflower, ginger and rhubarb, it’s quickly everyone’s favorite. Serve shaken over ice and strained into a coupe glass garnished with a wheel of lemon. Plus, this year even teens and tweens can take part and share the fun! 


Oven-roasted turkey? Oven-roasted brussel sprouts with bacon? A rich and fruity complex beverage pairs perfectly with your meal, and gives everyone something to buzz without crossing conversational boundaries. Mazy is what you’re looking for: with hints of pomegranate, gentian route, and tannins it adds a complimentary depth and balance to the main dish.  Serve at red wine temperature in a wine glass, garnished with a ribbon of orange peel. 


Peppermint? Pecan pie? Grandma’s famous brownies?  A lightly bitter, hoppy drink complements the sweetness of this course and reminds everyone they still have room for dessert.  Absence is that beverage:  with over a dozen herbs and spices, it’s a conversation starter too - at a time you might be needing one most (see below).  Serve shaken over ice and strained. 

Awkward Conversation

Whatever you choose to serve at your meal, an Isn’t Distinctivos pairs excellently.  Why? It’s the remedy for awkward conversation at your holiday parties.  Whether your parents want to talk politics during gift opening or your colleague starts prying about your love life around the office fruit cake, change the conversation.  With Isn’t Drinks, it’s not about why you aren’t drinking, it’s about what fabulous new concoction you are drinking.  It changes the conversation and is the ultimate safe topic: Want to try this zero-proof cocktail? You’d be surprised how complex it is.  What do you taste? 

Some things are tradition, and others well, isn’t it time for change? 

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