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Meet The Minds Behind Isn’t Drinks

In the happenstance kind of way that many brilliant partnerships come to life, we (Nick and Jackie) knew each other's children before we knew each other.

On fall Saturdays, watching T-Ball games from the hard metal stands, we became better acquainted over Nick’s home-brewed beers. Somehow this guy found time for brewing while working in design, advertising, and bar management. And this obsessive commitment to creating and pursuing tangible flights of fancy struck Jackie as something special.

Years later Jackie found herself out to dinner with friends having a drink and deciding she didn’t want another one. She wanted to keep hanging out but without the alcohol. Not a novel idea, really. I mean, people choose to take a break from wine or beer whether for an hour, a night, a week, or longer. So Jackie assumed she could just enjoy a mocktail and still feel like she was enjoying the evening. Instead, the drink was a cloyingly sweet concoction that sat, glass sweating, ice melting, on the table as the conversation kept flowing. 

The next day she conducted an extensive internet search, ordering every NA drink she came across, trying to solve the problem.  “I tried them all but was continually disappointed. That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands.”

Jackie grew up in her mom’s kitchen rolling meatballs for lasagnas, expanding her recipe repertoire, reading cookbooks for pleasure, and even picking the right aperitivos, wines, and digestivos to pair with foods. Armed with all this foodie knowledge, she took to the kitchen to create. “I filled the pot with herbs, spices, fruits, and edible flowers. And I liked what I had created better than anything I had found on the market.”

So that little seed started to grow. A curiosity and a drive to make something better and bring it to people who have found themselves in the same situation as Jackie back at that restaurant. Running a business wasn’t entirely new to her. She’d owned a gift shop and consulting firm and clearly she had the skills to create a delicious drink, but scaling and comercialing the product was a different story.

Thinking back to those T-ball games and Nick’s delicious beers, she remembered that he had looked into scaling up into a brewing system. “All I had to do was convince him to create delicious, non-alcoholic drinks instead. Simple, right?” 

Shockingly, Nick agreed that running out of things to drink in social situations was a problem that needed to be solved.” We both wanted to create something delicious to drink that was non-alcoholic but still an adult-oriented, social beverage. We bonded over this seemingly novel idea that it should be easy to enjoy interesting, non-alcoholic beverages alongside the beer, wine, and cocktail options at your favorite bar or restaurant.”

Time to set up a lab and distillery in the basement, order every spice, root, bark, flower, berry, and herb legally available and start creating compilations of those fresh ingredients.

“Jackie and I started this endeavor as individuals with individual tastes and ideas and each of our drinks will find an individual audience.” Taste and preference are very subjective and we started in a very selfish way, considering what we would want to drink in the place of a cocktail. Our drinks aren’t designed by committee or corporate thinktank, nor driven by fleeting trends or cliquish bandwagons. We hope you’ll trust us with your glass and find the Isn’t Distinctivo that speaks to your individuality.

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