Isn’t Entirely English: How to Speak Isn’t Drinks

Isn’t Entirely English: How to Speak Isn’t Drinks

When the English language eluded us or failed to provide, we turned introspective, nerdy, and just plain selfish, to create for ourselves words of opportunity. Words of our own creation that best described things in our business that were hard to describe. Here are our best attempts at those descriptions, or at least how to pronounce them. Mind the emphasis. 


Planterisk® | plan•te•risk \ plan-tƏ-risk \


Definition of Planterisk:

1. A plant-based asterisk. Healthier than the traditional font-based.

2. Used to highlight or represent natural flavors and ingredients that are individual and in harmony.

3. A symbol that is both masculine and feminine. Together and apart. Black AND white.

4. Used to indicate omission i.e. the omission of alcohol from a cocktail.



Distinctivo® | di•stinc•ti•vo \ di-stin(k)-tē-vō \




Definition of Distinctivo:

1. Something that is separate or different: serving to distinguish–or a distinguished serving.

2. A cocktail of uncommon and appealing qualities: having or giving style or distinction.

3. Possessing the suggestion of occasion or ritual similar to an aperitivo as an appetite-whetting, pre-meal drink, or a digestivo to follow a meal and aid in digestion, or just in the middle of day, be it work or play.



Redessence® | red•es•sence \ red-e-sen(t)s \


redessence zero-proof cocktail


Definition of Redessence:

1. A cocktail (Distinctivo®) celebrating the color red. Red from tart rhubarb and cranberries. Red from the flowers of roses and hibiscus. Phonetic emphasis on “red” but what about the essence?

2. The essential culmination of floral aromatics on a tart structure punctuated by citrus and ginger.



Mazy® | maz•y \ māz- ē \


mazy zero-proof cocktail


Definition of Mazy:

1. A beverage (Distinctivo®) to be swirled in a wine glass while swirling on the senses.

2. An intricate journey. A parlay of dark, sweet fruit and dry tannins. Oak barrel, earthy root, and a bit of heat goes round and round. The path continues with a hint of culinary spice.



Absence® | ab•sence \ ab-sƏn(t)s \



absence zero-proof cocktail



Definition of Absence:

1. A drink (Distinctivo®) that inspires a condition of wonderment as to what could possibly be missing. With over a dozen bits of trees, shrubs, plants, and even bines, the only thing absent (omitted) is alcohol.

2. A word, and cocktail, with shared letters and ingredients with Absinthe. Similarities include fennel and wormwood and the color green. May not include Green Fairies. 



Intoxicating | in•tox•i•cat•ing \ in-täk-sƏ-kā(d)-ing \

Definition of intoxicating:

1. Exciting or stupefying to the point where physical and mental control is markedly diminished.

2. Exciting or elated to the point of enthusiasm or frenzy.

We believe our Distinctivos® are intoxicating in the manner of the second definition.



Inclusive | in•clu•sive \ in-klü-siv \



inclusive cocktails



    Definition of Inclusive:

    1. Allowing and accommodating all people to the cocktail culture regardless of alcohol content including:

    a. Alcohol-Free: no detectable alcohol, zero-proof, 0 or 0.0%, zilch, nada.

    b. Alcohol-Removed: products that have undergone a post-fermentation process to remove the alcohol to a final ABV below 0.5%. Specifically regulated term by the FDA as it applies to wine.

    c. Nonalcoholic (NA): refers to beverages with less than 0.5% ABV according to the Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. The term is also adopted by the FDA noting some beverages such as fruit juices and certain soft drinks often contain detectable traces of alcohol.

    d. No and Low: an industry and common term enveloping the spectrum of beverages in this space from No (alcohol-free) to Low (nonalcoholic).

    e. Mindful Drinking: equates to the pursuit of a “healthier relationship with alcohol”* This tends to mean a deeper awareness of alcohol consumption and related choices rather than complete abstinence.

    f. Sober Curious: can be defined as having the option to choose, question, or change drinking habits. Like Mindful Drinking, it is not the all-or-nothing mindset that comes with Sobriety.

    g. Interspersing: the act of reducing overall alcohol consumption by alternating or switching from alcoholic beverages to No and Low choices.

    h. Teetotaler: an individual who chooses to drink no alcohol and may abstain from other intoxicants or substances affecting brain function such as drugs or caffeine; does not mean a strict adherence to tea.

    i. Tippler: a bibber, a person who regularly drinks and enjoys alcoholic beverages. OR a breed of domestic pigeon bred to participate in endurance competitions [so says the interwebs].


    Whether you avoid alcohol completely, enjoy alcohol with regularity, are a pigeon, or fall somewhere in the middle, we encourage responsibility and inclusivity to enjoy the ritual of a cocktail–we highly suggest that include a Distinctivo® from Isn’t Drinks®.



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