Isn't Christmas in July?

Isn't Christmas in July?

Whether you’re naughty or nice, for Christmas in July, you want coal in your stocking: Charcoal! Since the snow isn’t flying, let’s fire up the grill and pair an Isn’t Distinctivo.

With the simplicity of a perfectly grilled steak, we suggest the depth and complexity of Mazy. If that beef will be wearing a chimichurri sauce, we like pairing it with Absence to build on the brightness and fresh herbs.

If it’s pork gracing the grill, we usually invite Redessence. If you’re smoking (the meat that is), the floral and ginger layer in nicely. If you’re being saucy, you’ll find that the tartness of Redessence can hold up to a vinegar-based baste or cut the sweetness of the sweetest.

Chicken? (Not you..! The protein.). Grilled directly, we’d bravely serve it with the smooth, jammy Mazy. Rubbed? (Again, the bird.) Redessence loves the “spicy.”

If your wish list is all about the veggies, they love the grill as well. The savory among them will savor their time with Mazy. Marinated? (if this means you, maybe it’s time to slow down with an N/A cocktail from Isn’t Drinks?) If we’re talking marinated vegetables from the grill, Redessence will sing “Baby, it’s Bold Outside!” (see what we did there?)

We don’t think Santa has any plans for a visit in July, and we don’t suggest leaving out cookies and milk–it curdles fast. But if you want to hedge your bet, we’d suggest leaving bottles of Absence and Redessence by the chimney with care. A lovely pairing of green and red. If a bottle goes missing, send us an email-we’d love to know his favorite.

Season your greetings!

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