I'm ok. You're ok. It's ok...

I'm ok. You're ok. It's ok...

… to not drink alcohol.

For as much as we’re in the “you do you” moment, culture has a way of being very ingrained. This can make it tough to think outside of the box. Go against the grain. Act in contrast to the social norm.

Drinking culture is no different. The assumption that everyone in a social venue is drinking alcohol, or worse, that there is something wrong with those who aren’t, can cross over into the realm of #ToxicDrinkingCulture pretty quickly. Let’s start getting the message across that #NoThanks means “No, thanks”.

Respecting others whether they are not drinking or drinking mindfully is what Isn’t Drinks is all about. In fact, new information coming out about the Adult Non-alcoholic Beverage industry shows that 80% of people who are choosing non-alcoholic adult beverages are actually drinkers.

Bars and restaurants are social venues. They are built to be inclusive and so are we. That’s why we make Isn't Drinks. @isntdrinks #youdoyou #mocktails #cocktails

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