Ginger Grant-ed: Add Some Elegant Spice to Your Dinner Party

Ginger Grant-ed: Add Some Elegant Spice to Your Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party? Heading out on a three-hour boat tour? Entertaining a backyard barbecue? Or maybe you’ve invited friends for a DIY sushi night. Great choice. 

Now comes the next choice: What do you serve as the perfect, complementary drink?

When serving up the sweet & smoky seasonings of barbecue, the heated and robust aroma of Asian cuisine, or even the zesty, fresh spice of Mexican dishes, we recommend you think ginger for the ideal drink pairing.

Ginger is a pungent, fragrant spice that pairs perfectly with seafood, and spicy, sweet and seasoned foods. First discovered in Southeast Asia in 1AD, it’s still an essential seasoning in Asian dishes today. You might recognize the spice from other ginger drinks such as ginger ale, ginger beer (hi, Moscow mule!), or ginger tea – this spice adds a bit of tang and a bit of warmth to your drink, but not too much of a great thing.

For your spicy dinner party, you’ll want to pick a subtle cocktail that doesn’t overpower the flavors and seasonings of your main dish. For that reason, you might want to skip the alcohol, particularly if it’s too strong and subdues the sauce flavorings.

Cheer up if we took the punch out of your party by suggesting no alcohol! Redessence is the perfect option for your event. It’s all the sophistication of a cocktail, but without the fortification. As one of its key ingredients, ginger gives Redessence a punch of warming spice and a kick of tangy flavor.

Ginger cocktails and ginger mocktails also pair well with:

  • Burger & fries
  • Curry
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Salmon & shrimp

Redessence is tart, gingered, has a punch of tangy citrus, and a hint of floral hibiscus. Simply pour into a fine cocktail glass and enjoy. Or get lost in a Ginger Grant-ed.

Ginger Grant-ed Drink Recipe

To create a Ginger Grant-ed, mix up the following and pour into a glass with some attitude, maybe even half a coconut? (makes 2 drinks):

1 bottle of Redessence

4 oz of your favorite bubbly (water or wine)

Garnish with a ribbon of pomelo or grapefruit zest

It’s not Ginger or Mary’s Ginger and Mary Ann, because we love a good pairing!

Ready to add some ginger to your dinner party by trying Redessence? Buy it here!

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