Fat TuesdayMeets Lean Lent

Fat Tuesday Meet Lean Lent

Lent begins Wednesday, March 2, and perhaps you’ve made the decision to give up consuming alcohol for the Lenten observance. Or, perhaps, it’s just Wednesday morning and you’ve found you’ve overdone the hurricanes and/or other activities that seemed worth some shiny beads.

Either way, if Fat Tuesday is in the rearview mirror and now is the time for something more “lean,” we suggest an Isn’t Distinctivo. They are free of alcohol and free of guilt. For such a robust flavor experience, they are rather lean on the calories as well. Absence is absolutely svelte at 45 calories per bottle. Redessence, a trim 60 calories, and Mazy, for all its richness, finishes dry and is still under a buck at 90 calories. 

For absences, we offer remedy. As we are fond of saying, Isn’t is somewhere between is and not.

FYI: There are around 280 calories for an 8 ounce hurricane drink. 

FYI: Lent ends Thursday, April 14.

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