crafted for a more inclusive drinking culture

Isn't Drinks Zero-Proof Cocktails

Yeah... they're a thing!

Sophisticated cocktail experiences. Without the alcohol.

This isn't tonic with a twist. This isn't lemonade. This definitely isn't sugary bubbly water!

This is different.

tannic | bitter | tart


Naturally occuring adaptogens, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories inside!


Nothing artificial. Plus no alcohol!

it isn't just us...

Hear it from our customers.

  • "Has a nice deep flavor. Plumlike. But also earthy. A lot like real vino!"


  • "Drinks like a real cocktail."


  • "Yummy and refreshing. Good mix of flavors and not overly sweet. Thumbs up!"


  • "Absence is really a neat sipping drink. Some subtle tastes that are different. Definitely drinks like a cocktail."

    Ricardo T.

  • "I had Mazy with a pasta dinner and really enjoyed it!"

    Angela F.

  • I stopped drinking over 10 years ago and had given up looking for acceptable alternatives. I am a huge fan of all three!

    Tom M.

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